DesertFox Waterproof Dry Bag Outdoor Carrier Bag Gym Bag 2L/5L

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Carry this bag for your outdoor adventure, make sure your belonging don’t get wet by using this easy-carry bag. Large space & great quality material making this carrier bag your best companion to bring when you go to camp, mountain climbing, tourism, fishing, wading, tent, beach BBQ, or even gym.

  • Suitable for camping, mountain climbing, tourism, fishing, wading
  • Strong water resistance material
  • Can put in every small compartment such as wallet, walkie-talkie, antenna, power bank, mobile phone, keys without any issue
  • Professional clip and zip to make the bag attach with you all the time!
  • Color Available : Sky Blue
  • Dimension : 31.5 x 16.5cm

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Blue, Green, Orange, White


2L, 5L